Hospital Surge Capacity Solutions


Convinced you need to add onto the hospital?

The Capacity Plus offers new alternatives to traditional expansion. It offers a variety of options because of its ability to safely extend an existing headwall and medical equipment into any space. We can help you determine the best way to use the Capacity Plus to bridge the gaps in your departments that struggle with chronic overflow. The cost savings of this strategy can be immense. Let your capacity issues be reduced to staffing issues!

  • Strategies for increasing your capacity instantly

    • Double ED room capacity by extending the existing headwall to a second bedside instead of adding an additional headwall
    • Convert existing Med/Surg rooms into ICU-level environments using the Capacity Plus in between two beds
    • Daisy chain multiple Capacity Plus modules together from one oxygen supply
    • Use as a bridge solution during remodel and then move into the new department as part of the medical infrastructure

Core Features

LIVENGOOD Accessories

Easy access to sharps container sharps container, suction canister, and glove box holders

Locking Drawers 

Secure supplies and narcotics (turn latch, combo, or electronic options available)

Two E-cylinder Holders

Maintain oxygen supply away from headwalls

6" Hospital Grade Wheels

Mobilize equipment indoors or outdoors

Oxygen & Vacuum Outlets

Tap into existing headwalls and daisy chain multiple units together

8 Outlet Electrical Box 

Keep all cords consolidated and organized

UL Approved

No risk of electrical shock to the patient (IEC60601-1)

Compliant with The Joint Commission

Maintains all patient vicinity safety standards 

+ Medical Equipment

Welch Allyn Propaq, Philips MP30, Smiths Mini-Torr Plus, or request a custom mount.
Impact EMV+, Carefusion LTV, Carefusion Envy, Philips V60, etc.
Alaris Med System III, Alaris PC, B. Braun, etc.
Impact, DeVilbiss, Laerdal, or extend suction from headwall.
Philips MRX Heartstart, Zoll, etc.


Our goal is to make all equipment, gasses, and supplies mobile so they remain patient-centric. Medical equipment can be mounted directly to the IV poles or custom mounts can be added for increased stability during use. Request a quote detailing your current situation and what you would like to accomplish with the Capacity Plus. We are happy to work with you to customize the Capacity Plus to the specific needs and wants of your ED. We are excited for you to see how easy it can be to manage daily patient overflow.

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