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Safer Mobility - Case Study - Roy Arterburn

Safer Mobility
Case Study: Roy Arterburn

“The first time out of bed I had an IV pole and I had to pull it behind me while leaning my other arm over my wife. I almost fell over an uneven spot in the flooring when the IV pole tipped. The next day I received the PACE and P.T. hooked up my IV and oxygen. I was able to do three laps around the unit without any help. I don't know why every hospital doesn't have these!” – Roy Arterburn

Roy Arterburn ( 82 y.o.) entered Poudre Valley Hospital with complaints of lower abdominal pain and new onset anorexia. After days of being in bed and undergoing multiple tests to discern the cause of his symptoms he desperately wanted to get up and start moving. He was cleared to walk with his wife's assistance. Roy immediately became aware how difficult it was to walk with his IV pole and his oxygen. At one point his IV pole hit a transition spot in the flooring and nearly tipped over causing Roy and his wife to lose their balance. Discouraged, he began to limit his walking to just getting up to use the bathroom when his nurse was present to assist. During his stay, Roy had his gallbladder removed.

That same day he was evaluated by a physical therapist who introduced him to the LIVENGOOD PACE. She hooked up Roy's IV and oxygen to the PACE which enabled him to get up and walk, completing three laps around the nursing unit. The PACE gave him the independence to walk 4-5 times a day throughout his stay. Roy recovered quickly and discharged to his home rather than a rehab facility.

*Case Study and photographic images used with patient permission