Patient Mobility Solution


Rehabilitation of High Acuity Patients Made Easier

The LIVENGOOD PACE is a physical therapist’s best tool for the early mobility of high acuity patients. The consolidation of your patient’s medical equipment onto one safe, easy to move platform makes mobility very easy: simply unplug the PACE from the wall and you are ready to ambulate. Occupational therapists will love the Pace’s top surface for standing ADLs such as hygiene, kitchen activities and coordination exercises. The PACE is even easier to use for these activities because it is safe to use within the vicinity of water, and has been given IPX1 approval by UL.

  • Leverage the PACE for Rehabilitation

    • Great for standing lower extremity exercises

    • Stable surface for ADLs
    • Safe to be within the vicinity of water for showers, grooming and hygiene
    • Allows for gait training with one caregiver
    • Safe for patients who have to adhere to sternal precautions
    • Handle heights are adjustable to accommodate most patients

Core Features

8 Outlet Electrical Box

Keep all cords consolidated and organized

Two E-cylinder Holders

Maintain oxygen supply away from headwalls. Safe for ventilated and non-ventilated patients.

5th Wheel for Straight Path During Ambulation

A drop down fifth wheel allows for safe ambulation, allowing the patient to maintain a straight path. The transmission allows the fifth wheel to also be lifted to allow for quick movement of the PACE by caregivers.

UL Approved

No risk of electrical shock to the patient (IEC60601-1)

Compliant with The Joint Commission and DNV Standards

Maintains all patient vicinity safety standards


The Livengood PACE can be customized for your specific needs. We work with each customer individually to ensure that their PACE meets their unique needs.

+ Medical Equipment

Easily accommodates most portable cardiac monitors.  Monitor mounts available upon request.
Easily accommodates most portable ventilators for mobility. Ventilator mounts available upon request.
Each IV pole will safely hold either two single IV pumps or one triple IV pump.
Chest tubes can be easily and safely secured to the PACE
Negative Wound Pressure therapy such as the Wound Vac can be secured to the PACE
ECMO and VAD machines can be mounted on the PACE. Custom mounts available upon request.


LIVENGOOD was founded on the idea of true patient-centric care. As nurses, doctors and therapists, we are all aware of how beneficial early mobility is for our patients. We are equally aware of the time and staff needed to get our patients up out of bed. So we set out to design a tool that was safe, used less staff, and empowered patients to get up and walk during their hospital stay. By designing solutions with the patients' recovery in mind, we also help caregivers and hospitals achieve their goals of providing better, more cost efficient care.

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