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Mobilizing Patients Post-Op - Case Study - Mr. Spinuzzi

Mobilizing Patients Post-Op
Case Study: Mr. Spinuzzi

Mr. Spinuzzi entered the Medical Center of the Rockies for a gastric resection and an esophagojejunal anastomosis as part of his treatment to fight gastric cancer. His stay was complicated by a leak at the anastomosis, re-exploration and placement of a mediastinal tube, chest tube and feeding tube. He had to be in the ICU two times during his stay and he was often in bed. It took three to four people to ambulate him with the eleven devices to which he was attached. He often had to wait for multiple caregivers to show up to walk him to the bathroom, get him up to a chair or to walk in the hall. He felt like this was a burden on the staff.

Things changed for Mr. Spinuzzi on post-surgical floor when his devices were secured to the PACE. He was able to get up with the assistance of one nurse, and walk well over 200 feet around the unit. He was not at risk for falls and could now walk independently. His limitations had been removed! His experience was completely changed by being able to use the bathroom on his own, walk in the hall, and even visit with friends and family on the outside patio. The PACE empowered him through independence and he regained a sense of control and normalcy.

*Case Study and photographic images used with patient permission