About Us

The New Way to improve. mobilize. recover. wellness.

It has long been studied and documented that frequent and early mobility is essential to a patient's recovery. LIVENGOOD exists to help usher in a return to this basic concept in healthcare.

Who We Are

LIVENGOOD is a team of doctors, clinicians, and engineers who are dedicated to making mobility safer and more efficient for patients and caregivers.

Amy Livengood is a nurse that experienced first hand the frustrations associated with the lack of time and extra staff required to mobilize a patient with multiple medical devices. Amy and Joe Livengood, MD, decided to design a practical solution geared towards making the whole process easier. Working with a team, they engineered a device that simplifies the process of patient mobilization. Their vision was to empower patients to walk rather than be confined to their hospital bed. The LIVENGOOD PACE today has been improved from numerous design revisions sparked by feedback from nurses, physical therapists, doctors, and most importantly patients.